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Bullseye Taking Aim

with Paintball Archery Bow

OPEN YEAR-ROUND (Rain or Shine)
Since 1984,
TAG has Never Closed due to weather

Paintball ALWAYS Available
We have Over 10+ Courses 

We separate Beginners from Advanced players

Eight (8) Money Back Guarantees...

that you will never use!

If we don’t deliver, then we don't deserve the money. 

Bible calls it ‘cursed’ and we don’t want touch it…

we will WANT to give the money back to you.

Thank you for your faith in us (time/money) to provide you what we promise. 

“We Stand Behind Our Service” 

(because we are not dumb enough to stand in front of it!) 

From our family to yours, you deserve our very best.       

Roland “BULLSEYE” Chick – Owner 

PS In the unlikely event our staff doesn’t listen to you…remember, you have a loaded gun in your hands :)   

#1 WON’T HURT (Low Impact)
Our Low Impact has over 90%+ less impact and won't hurt with proper attire, however IT WILL STING about ten seconds like a fat rubber band snap. Note: Skin redness (irritation) can occur.  
Medium Impact is Moderate has no guarantee but does have over 50% Reduction in Impact compared to High Impact. Recommend for players over 14yrs old 

Paintballs Won't Stain clothing…or we will replace them!!  (Includes fired or previously fired paintballs…ie “Bunker Rub”)

We ensure everyone will use same: Paintballs, Propellants and Platform (Gun category) 
(BYOP parks cannot possibly guarantee Fairness. It’s IMPOSSIBLE when they allow players to bring different grades of paintballs…The Definition of UNFAIR).

A great way to Measure Value: Cost Divided by Games Played. 
Park Average: 7 games per day… TAG Averages: Over 35+  

Play 45 minutes (7 games) and if its not worth every penny at that point, we will give it back to you on the spot.

Our “Park Only Paintballs” Controls all Paintballs, Propellants, Platforms… nothing is left to chance (BYOP PARK COMPROMISE SAFETY BY BEING “UNCONTROLLED”” ) All uncontrolled (compromising) items are banned. Others Compromise Safety…We Don’t!!

#7 BEST OUTDOOR PAINTBALL PARK in Northern / Central California:  
Acid Test: Select any outdoor paintball park in Northern / Central California; TAG we must surpass their service 6 out of 10 legitimate criteria of your choosing. This hasn’t happened ...since 1984!   

If we fail in anything listed above, in additional to giving your money back,
TAG will purchase a general admission and rental to any local paintball park of your choice.

How's that for impressive Money Back Guarantee Offer? Since 1984, TAG is “The Originators, Not Imitators”  
As an industry leader, others look up to us and keep gunning for us (Roland’s name is ‘Bullesye’ for a reason) We invite them to try!

Our favorite overheard comment is: "We are just like TAG...only better!" Our favorite response to this comment is: "We Are TAG ...THERE IS NO-ONE BETTER!"

Have an issue? Tell us immediately. We can’t fix a problem, if we don’t know there is one. If you play over 10+ games then ‘suddenly have a problem’…then it couldn’t have been that bad. Only monies for Entry, Air, and Rental, collected only on day of play can be refunded. Monies for paintballs will not be refunded.  If ejected from park, no monies will be refunded.  

T.A.G. Paintball in Gilroy aka T.A.G. Paintball in Salinas) is known for the rock solid Money Back Guarantee being the best in the industry.


TAG is the "Standard Bearer" we expose others hide. 

We teach how to find the truth and to spot

differences between "Professionals" & "Posers"  

" It is error only, and not truth,

that shrinks from inquiry " - Thomas Paine


In 1984, TAG started out with a simple mission, "to give our best". TAG has accomplished that and has remained the undisputed leader in Northern/Central California year after year. TAG;s leading innovations that are now industry standards.

In 1985, TAG instituted the very 1st Written Money Back Guarantee in World (we now have eight see link).

As the 5th oldest paintball company in the World, others look to us as the example to follow. 

In 1986, TAG hired Bullseye, to later become an industry leader with over 30+ years of innovations (now industry standards). He assisted in creating Int Org, exposed toxic practices, lowered pain by over 50%, created culture of safety and increased fun levels. Next Goal: get Paintball into 2024 Olympics.


Posers 'Spin', a lot...and are easy to spot (once you know what to look for):

Step 1 - Look at their website: 1) Lack of Up-To-Date Close Up Photos of Bunkers.

This is because the park compromises and allows untested paintballs to be fired.

Evidence: Bunkers have permanent STAINS...this is gross and shows signs of neglect.

Posers spin, claiming 'Paintballs are tested by manufacturer'. Then why the stains?

Facts are facts. Neglect is somewhere along the chain of blame.

"Trust and Verify" 

Under Construction 12/31/18...

Soon we will have a comparison chart where did all the leg work for you.

About paintball Hollister as well as about paintball Gilroy is really about TAG in Hollister on how truly good we really are!

About TAG Paintball Arena Course in Hollister is about Service for you.

About Us in Hollister showcases our services for's what we are all about.

What's So Special About TAG?

Besides the painfully obvious: 

1) 5th Oldest Paintball company in the World

2) Unbeatable track record of " Paintball 1st's "

3) Unmatched safety record

4) #1 paintball park in Northern / Central California

About TAG Paintball Arena Course in Hollister

Bullseye's Family