AO13 Airsoft in Hollister

2018 Game Schedule -


Jan 20th     Apr 14th   July 14th   Oct 13th

Feb 10th    May 12th   Aug 11th   Nov 10th

Mar 10th.   June 9th    Sept 8th    Dec ??

AO13 Airsoft in Hollister plays the 10+ courses at TAG because NOTHING STAINS gear.

Currently, TAG is ONLY paintball park in Northern California that GUARANTEES no paintballs will stain, or Your Money Back

​AO13 Hollister Airsoft plays rotating around paintballers whom BTW, we get along with our fellow brothers in arms brilliantly

(just expect some Good Nature Heckling). Airsoft Hollister is a real fun place to play!!

Minimum age is 13 to play Airsoft, since there isn't a paintball splotch to mark hits, maturity is expected to be Honorable. 

Maximum Velocity is 400fps with .25bb's  and minimum distances will be observed. Full Face Protection is required along with barrel covers and dropping mags in Staging Area (Standard Industry Safety Practices, nothing new here), Full Auto, Grenades all OK here.

NO SMOKE or MELEE KILLS (sorry, too many fires at TAG directly due to Smoke)

TAG Cards are in effect.

$35 for All Day Play​