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Waiver at TAG Paintball

Airsoft in Hollister & Paintball Players get along brilliantly

(we love Good Natured Heckling). 

Courses are shared on a Rotational Basis

Airsoft Hollister is a real fun place to play!!

TAG Paintballs DON'T STAIN

Airsoft at TAG in Hollister with AO13

Airsoft at TAG in Hollister    


2ND SATURDAYevery month


Can I bring my own BB's?                                   YES

If I buy BB's at TAG, will park rate be $5 less?    YES 

 Do BB's have to be Biodegradable?                    YES 

   Maximum (.20 gr ) Velocity?                             400 fps

Is Hand to Hand (melee) Allowed?                       NO

Smoke Grenades Allowed                                     NO

Full Face Protection Required?                            YES

Barrel Covers Required for RIFLES?                    YES

Barrel Covers Required for Holstered PISTOLS?  NO 

Are MESH LENSES Allowed?                               NO

Minimum Age?                                           13 yrs old

FULL AUTO or Grenades Allowed            Of Course

Do TAG Paintballs Stain?                                     NO 

What is the Deadline for Online Rates?             48hrs​​

​​Admission: (9-4pm)

$40 cash rate   

$42 card rate       

$5 Offwith BB Purchase