Paintball Bow Hunt Hollister $540 (max: 6 Players)    

$24 off Instant Cash Rebate (redeem end of session) 

Only place in California that has these is here:

TAG Paintball in Hollister (another exclusive)

"The Most Dangerous Game" is the ULTIMATE HUNT 

Use on Private Courses, Unlimited Paintballs, approx ~7 games 

Paintball archery in Hollister need some upper body strength (32lb draw) 90 minutes session (will most likely fatigue your 'draw arm'  holding for awhile waiting for that 'perfect shot' )

BOW HUNT GAME FORMAT: We play 2 games in 1: 3 vs 3 Until "Only-1-Remains" on one of the teams, Marshall whistles a 10-Second Countdown to enter Final Phase of game: Last Man Standing(release your 'Inner Katniss Everdeen' ) 

Each paintball bow is expensive, so we raised the minimum age to 16

(this is strictly for maturity & financial issues only)

paintball bow hunt Hollister , paintball archery

Unboxing and Testing Paintball Bow(cool music)