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Booze & Strippers is so over done; spend money on memories (and pictures) you can share with everyone. 

Become the hero and get the marriage off to a good-start.

Paintball Rental Package - 
ONLINE RATE: $45 (pre-paid reservations)
PARK RATE: $50  
(walk-ons without reservations)   ​​

Ensure Your Success:

Pizza is only 2.3 miles away

Spectators can take AERIAL pics from Sniper Towers.

Show pictures at RECEPTION

create an unforgettable mixer with both side of wedding party (A TRUE HERO MOVE)

We sell Clown Outfits for Bachelor(ette) 

Bachelor(ette) Party Special


1) Show up by 10:07 am,

2) Bring 4 Players at Regular Fare 

3) Bachelor(ette) Plays Free* 

FREE* Includes: 1) Admission 2) Orientation 3) Insurance 4) Rental Gear, and 5) Unlimited Air  *Doesn't Include hard costs: Paintballs or TAG Cards

RENTAL PACKAGE (Description)

MEDIUM or LOW IMPACT Semi-Auto Paintball Guns (HIGH Impact not allowed for general public), Protective Face Mask, FREE Upgraded Ammo Pack (doubles as groin protection)FREE Upgraded 300 Paintball Capacity Loader (only 1000 made before breaking mold, TAG has 200)500 Paintballs, Chest Protection for Women (medium impact only). All day (9am-4pm) admission, Unlimited Air, 10+ Award Winning Courses, Responsive Target Range, Use of picnic tables & benches under aluminum awnings. Everything needed to play is included (except clothing). No Paintballs on premises will stain clothing. 


Ave Consumption Rate: 500 Paintballs / 90 minutes.

($50 Rental Package includes 500 Paintballs)  

500 Paintballs are in a bag (4 bags per box)

500     $25 + tax 

1000   $45 + tax 

2000   $80 + tax