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Ave Consumption Rate: 500 Paintballs / 90 minutes.

Paintballs are in bags of 500 (4 bags per box)

$25   500    paintballs

$45   1000  paintballs 

$80   2000   paintballs

birthday party ideas  

Become a "HERO - PARENT" - this is the perfect birthday party place to go...OR YOUR MONEY BACK!!

This paintball packages deals package was made specifically designed for the frustrated parent who doesn't know what to do for "Junior's Birthday" who needs a 'Win' for their child (and ran out of kids birthday party places to go). This will be one of your best birthday party ideas!!  We promise 'Junior' will NOT get bored!! Best part? You don't have to pay an 'Arm and a Leg' for it!!

​​​​​​​RENTAL PACKAGE(Description)

LOW IMPACT Semi-Auto Paintball Guns Only, Protective Face Mask, FREE Upgraded Ammo Pack (doubles as groin protection), 300 Paintball Capacity Loader. 2 Hour (9am-11am) admission, Unlimited Air, 10+ Award Winning Courses, Responsive Target Range, Use of picnic tables & benches under aluminum awnings. Everything needed to play is included (except clothing). No Paintballs on premises will stain clothing. 

Birthday Party at TAG Paintball Hollister CA

Birthday Party Package $340 (Up to 10 Players)    

$40 Instant Cash Back TAG cards(redeem end of session)

Great paintball packages deals that is Low Impact, Starts at 9am and ends at 11am Only, Group is issued 2500 Paintballs (for group), 2-Hour Session (9am-11am)   
Please show up Early with All Waivers submitted. .

More than 10 players? Simply get Rental Packages(see above)

​​​​​​$40 TAG CARDS  

We'll issue players (4) TAG Cards worth $4. If your child "Tags" another player for being careless then that player owes your child a TAG Card (worth $1).    

You Rewarded for Good Behavior.