Bets paintball place

How it Works

Waivers are signed before playing (needed once a our insurance is a yearly policy).

Walk-Ons Welcome. Online reservations recommended: 1) Guarantee Play, and 2) Save money.

Once check-in is completed, rental gear is issued followed by a Safety Orientation. Adult Marshals will take players to courses.

1st Players are divided into gun categories (based on YOUR selection, LOW or MEDIUM Impact guns).

2nd Groups that came together are separated apart into opposing sides (same courses). This is done for good reasons; 1) You now can shoot each other (that's why you brought your friends, right?)  2) It is the BEST way to make sure both sides are FAIR and balanced.

Paintball parks in California average 10 games a day; we average 20 games every 3 hours...PER GROUP. We play 7 games, then take a mandatory hydration break, and repeat the cycle until you are too pooped to pop.

We play each course 2-3 games (switching sides) before cycle through to a different course. We do this on a rotational basis giving players a variety of terrains and dynamics. It never gets dull or boring as the numbers of variations that can be played on EACH field is surprising (even for advanced players!!). If needed, we can always spice it up with different game variations (although most of the time it's not needed).

TAG Does Not Compromise; Some of our Unique Features:

We have only One Standard, unlike other places that have a 'Double-Standard'. We ensure fairness by everyone using the same high grade paintballs (no one can bring in their own untested/illegal ones in). We really do separate wolves from sheep (we don't just say it). We ban unregulated CO2, High Impact Paintballs, Staining Paintballs, High Powered Guns and Mechanical Loaders from general play.

We allow photographers access to our Sniper Towers to take Aerial Photos of games. Our Staging Area is under aluminum awnings covering picnic tables and benches for picnics lunches. This is a great place to create wonderful memories. 

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