BesT paintball place, BEST PAINTBALL PARK

PAINTBALL PACKAGE (Low or Medium Impact)

Admission (9am-4pm) All Day with Unlimited Air ($10 value)

Semi-Auto Paintball Gun and Full Protective Face Mask

FREE Upgraded Ammo Pack (doubles as groin protection)

FREE Upgraded 300 Paintball Capacity Loader 

FREE Upgraded Chest Protection(Women Only w/ Medium Impact)  

500 Paintballs Included (Non-Staining, 4-Star, Custom Eco-Fill)  

10+ Award Winning Courses, Responsive Target Range, Use of picnic tables & benches under aluminum awnings. Everything needed to play is included (except clothing)

No Paintballs on premises will stain clothing

Extra Paintballs: 

NOTE: Ave. consumption rate: 750 paintballs per 2 hrs

a TUBE of 100 paintballs    $11 cash    $12 card

​a BAG of 500 paintballs       $29 cash    $30 card

a BOX of 2000 paintballs     $87 cash    $90 card

            (buy 3 Bags of 500, 4th BAG FREE)  

Recommended ages 14+ 

 Wear layers of clothing 

Medium Impact Rental Package

INCLUDES 500 PAINTBALLS (not shown)​

Perfect for ages 8+

As Fun As Medium Impact 

GROUP DISCOUNT (4 or more):


$5 Upgraded Ammo Pack (Belt & Tubes)

(doubles as groin protection) 

$5 Upgraded Chest Guard

(Women Only using Medium Impact)

$5 Upgraded 300 Capacity Loader
Only 1000 made...we bought 

We have more than anyone in the world!!

Renters can outlast self equipped players) 

$10 Upgraded Courses (Play All Available)
Most parks only have 4 courses

We currently have over 10+ courses


Low Impact Rental Package

INCLUDES 500 PAINTBALLS (not shown)​

Ensure Success & Create Memories

Pizza is only 2.3 miles away

Spectators can take AERIAL pics from Sniper Towers.

Show pictures & Create Unforgettable Experience


$5 Sunday 
Play Saturday, play
(next day) Sunday Only $5

"Where Beginners

Come to

Play Paintball" 

Best paintball place 

Day Rate (9am-4pm)

Online (prepaid) Rate:  $46 

Park (cash) Rate:        $50

Park (card) Rate:        $52 

Other parks only offer this...

We BAN it from regular play!! 

Book Now at TAG Paintball
Waiver at TAG Paintball

Early Bird Discounts

​Must Arrive by 10:07am

Parents, Pastors, Teachers, Coaches PlayFREE*

1) Arrive by 10:07am

2) Bring child at regular rate you 'parent, pastor, teach, coach' 

3) Only pay for paintballs you use (everything else is on us)

(Admission, Rental, Unlimited Air, 4 TAG Cards are FREE)   

Birthday / Bachelor (ette) PersonFREE
1) Arrive by 10:07am and b
ring 2 friends at regular rate

2) Only pay for paintballs you use (everything else is on us)

(Admission, Rental, Unlimited Air, 4 TAG Cards are FREE) 

LOCALS (and 1st-Responders) $10 off 

Arrive by 10:07am and bring ID (San Benito Residents)

ACTIVE Military (and THEIR Family) ONLY $5

1) Arrive by 10:07am and bring Military ID

*THEIR spouse & kids (not mom/dad/sis/bro, etc sorry) 

2) Only pay $5 + paintballs you use (everything else is on us)

(Admission, Rental, Unlimited Air, 4 TAG Cards are FREE)

Small Print:

Discounts CAN be combined (no "Double Dipping" )

1) Regular Weekend Hours (not Holidays)  
2) Paintball Rental Package(not Special Days/Events)  

Note: Online Reservations won't reflect discounts, sorry. 

Arrive by 10:07am and WE WILL REIMBURSE YOU AT PARK.