GROUP DISCOUNT (4 or more):


$5 Upgraded Ammo Pack (Belt & Tubes)

(doubles as groin protection) 

$5 Upgraded Chest Guard

(Women Only using Medium Impact)

$5 Upgraded 300 Capacity Loader
Only 1000 made...we bought 

We have more than anyone in the world!!

Renters can outlast self equipped players) 

$10 Upgraded Courses (Play All Available)
Most parks only have 4 courses

We currently have over 10+ courses


Extra Paintballs: 

NOTE: Ave. consumption rate: 750 paintballs per 2 hrs

a TUBE of 100 paintballs    $11 cash    $12 card

​a BAG of 500 paintballs       $29 cash    $30 card

a BOX of 2000 paintballs     $87 cash    $90 card

            (buy 3 Bags of 500, 4th BAG FREE)  

"Where Beginners

Come to

Play Paintball" 

Best paintball place 

Low Impact Rental Package

INCLUDES 500 PAINTBALLS (not shown)​

Recommended ages 14+ 

 Wear layers of clothing 

Medium Impact Rental Package

INCLUDES 500 PAINTBALLS (not shown)​

Perfect for ages 8+

As Fun As Medium Impact 

Early Bird Discounts

​Must Arrive by 10:07am

Parents, Pastors, Teachers, Coaches PlayFREE*

1) Arrive by 10:07am

2) Bring child at regular rate you 'parent, pastor, teach, coach' 

3) Only pay for paintballs you use (everything else is on us)

(Admission, Rental, Unlimited Air, 4 TAG Cards are FREE)   

Birthday / Bachelor (ette) PersonFREE
1) Arrive by 10:07am and b
ring 2 friends at regular rate

2) Only pay for paintballs you use (everything else is on us)

(Admission, Rental, Unlimited Air, 4 TAG Cards are FREE) 

LOCALS (and 1st-Responders) $10 off 

Arrive by 10:07am and bring ID (San Benito Residents)

ACTIVE Military (and THEIR Family) ONLY $5

1) Arrive by 10:07am and bring Military ID

*THEIR spouse & kids (not mom/dad/sis/bro, etc sorry) 

2) Only pay $5 + paintballs you use (everything else is on us)

(Admission, Rental, Unlimited Air, 4 TAG Cards are FREE)

Small Print:

Discounts CAN be combined (no "Double Dipping" )

1) Regular Weekend Hours (not Holidays)  
2) Paintball Rental Package(not Special Days/Events)  

Note: Online Reservations won't reflect discounts, sorry. 

Arrive by 10:07am and WE WILL REIMBURSE YOU AT PARK. 

Other parks only offer this...

We BAN it from regular play!! 

BesT paintball place, BEST PAINTBALL PARK

PAINTBALL PACKAGE (Low or Medium Impact)

Admission (9am-4pm) All Day with Unlimited Air ($10 value)

Semi-Auto Paintball Gun and Full Protective Face Mask

FREE Upgraded Ammo Pack (doubles as groin protection)

FREE Upgraded 300 Paintball Capacity Loader 

FREE Upgraded Chest Protection(Women Only w/ Medium Impact)  

500 Paintballs Included (Non-Staining, 4-Star, Custom Eco-Fill)  

10+ Award Winning Courses, Responsive Target Range, Use of picnic tables & benches under aluminum awnings. Everything needed to play is included (except clothing)

No Paintballs on premises will stain clothing

$5 Sunday 
Play Saturday, play
(next day) Sunday Only $5

Book Now at TAG Paintball
Waiver at TAG Paintball

Day Rate (9am-4pm)

Online (prepaid) Rate:  $46 

Park (cash) Rate:        $50

Park (card) Rate:        $52 

Ensure Success & Create Memories

Pizza is only 2.3 miles away

Spectators can take AERIAL pics from Sniper Towers.

Show pictures & Create Unforgettable Experience