What to Bring

What Should I WEAR? Loose fitting layers work best.  Long Pants/Shirt, Full Toe Shoes recommended (no sandals please). Hoodies are great

BONUS: Ball Caps, Gloves, Padded Bras, Sunscreen Lotion (if applicable) are good additions.

What if it Rains? Since 1984, we have NEVER EVER CLOSED due to weather. "There's no such thing as bad weather, only bad planning". Plastic trash bags (black 33 gallon) make great makeshift ponchos. 

BONUS: No Fog Wipes / Spray as goggles 'fog up' . We sell disposable wipes for $2 (good for about 4 sets of goggles)

Do I Need Any SPECIAL Gear? No.  All needed gear to play is provided.  Battle-Mask covers Eyes, Ears, Nose partial neck/forehead. 

Are PETS Allowed? No. Pets are distracting. Distractions are not safe. This is a "Gun Noise" Environment. 

Does it HURT? Low Impact: No.  Medium Impact: Moderate. High Impact: Yes!!

Does it STAIN? No. Currently, we are the Only Outdoor Park in California that Guarantees in Writing, "No Paintballs at Park will Stain".   

Will it be FAIR? Yes, as fair as possible; We don't compromise like others. We are the Only Outdoor Park in California to Ensure Fairness for All Players by 1) Gun Category, 2) Dividing Groups (same skill set), 3) Enforcing ONE Standard (Paintballs, Propellants, and Platforms).

It helps by not having a "Double-Standard" (allow privileged players to bring own untested paintballs AND refusing to test them).  
Does TAG Test All Paintballs? Yes.  We are the Only Outdoor Park in California to Test All Paintballs.   How? Testing Every New Serial Numbered Batch. It's IMPOSSIBLE for other parks to test all players paintballs.  Attorneys call this behavior: "Negligence".   

PRIVATE Groups? Yes.  But are not necessary (see above). Private Groups are extra and must be paid in Advance to schedule extra staff.   
Minimum Age? 8 yrs old       
HOURS? Weekends 9am-4pm (most holidays)       Weekdays: By Appointment

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