​​​Zombie Ride(no age limit)    

This seasonal event is the only public event that happens at NIGHT.

Zombie Ride in Hollister has other names: "Zombie Haunt", "Zombie Shoot" or "Zombie Hunt" but whatever you call it, it is a favorite among humans.

Humans can Shoot Zombies AND THEY DON'T SHOOT BACK!!!

It is OUR TURN as humans to scare the Zombies.   

The $25 Zombie Ride is about 15 minutes to complete a circuit around the park.  


GLOW-IN-THE-DARK paintballs acts as TRACERS

Starts: 7:30pm and, ends...when line for RIDE dies (Show Up Early) 

No equipment needed ( Zombies don't shoot back )

Zombies are "Mouthy-Little-Beasts" with Good-Nature Heckling at 'Humans in Trailer'


Zombie Ride(NO AGE LIMIT)

Video has AERIAL footage with Paintball Bow shooting from Sniper Tower at Zombies ​PRETTY COOL (not part of the Zombie Ride) Next Year we will have a Zombie Hunt, these Zombies WILL SHOOT BACK.

Our "Zombie Haunt" is more of a "Zombie Hunt";  we really Just do a "Zombie Shoot" on our "Zombie Ride" Stop by and Shoot Hollister Zombies (mouthy creatures!!)